Myths of Creation Ya'll!

Giselle Carrera of Dolly G's Vintage and me

Giselle Carrera of Dolly G's Vintage and me

All I ever wanted to do was write. Write stories and songs and poems and movies and plays and scribbles on pieces of paper. 

It's all I ever wanted.

Yet somehow I kept being dragged into the fashion world by happenstance. I got hired as a full time fashion writer while I was on a babysitting job; I got a job as a shoe buyer in New York while I was working as a sale's clerk for extra Christmas money. It just keeps happening!

So while writing will always be my true love, and while I will always be a gal who has interests in SPADES, I'm proud to announce that I have started a little store of treasures, focused on versatile affordable pieces that work for gals of many ages.

The first project MYTHS has in its pipeline is a collaborative zine with Dolly G's Vintage and photographer Michael O'Shea and amazing makeup artist Kunio Kataoka shooting neighborhood gal Catherine von Klitzing in the Graham Ave. area.

The zine was really about collaboration and community; here is a preview of what you can expect when we launch our zine with a party at Dolly G's!  

Awesome White 70s Jumpsuit from Dolly G's