Myths of Creation's Guide to Lightworkers, Healers & Communicating with the Spirits

I'm particularly interested in the stars at the moment, drawn to astrological patterns and cycles. I'm more open to the mystical interpretations of things than most people; all of my favorite novels could be considered to be written through the lens of magical realism. 

When I was in college a friend of mine once said, It all comes down to aesthetics. And I think about this all the time. Do we believe what we believe because it suits a version of the world we find the most beautiful, comfortable or orderly? For those who dwell in the realm of the physical, maybe its possibility of total control that they find comforting, or the fact that all things can be perceived by the senses, or measured in some way.

I can only say one thing: and that is that I see the collective unconscious at work all the time. I see people gravitate toward the same space, activity or object all the time in ways that don't have anything to do with the weather or the changing of the seasons. I have friends who guess what I'm thinking before I've even given them a clue. 

Right now the underlying tone, the bass line of the song we are all hearing in our collective heads is tension. There's a desire to connect, but also people seem to be testing their boundaries like toddlers who do something they're told not to do just to see what will happen. 

I'm not an astrologer, nor do I know how to communicate with my spirit guides directly, but I am endlessly curious and have a knack for recognizing psychological patterns. 

If you ever desire to connect with a truly gifted energy worker, there are a lot of ways to find one and many intuitives out there. But for me, the best experiences have come from recommendations from friends. Here is what I have learned in my dutiful time, research and experimentation. Remember, if you do decide to see any of these healers, record. Some recommend taking notes, but I find that listening to the recordings is really useful. 


Passion Mandala,   digital art 2013    by Hank Hivnor

Passion Mandala,   digital art 2013   by Hank Hivnor

Hank Hivnor is a longtime energy reader, healer, and spirit medium. If you have a deceased loved one you would like to communicate with, or feel that there might be psychological factors in your makeup that you can't see on your own, this is who I recommend. You can read about my experience with him at length here. ($100/hour.) 

Chakra Balancing, Reiki and Communing with your Higher Self: Houiea Love. Houiea (pronouned Ow-yay) came onto my radar when a customer came in asking for a quartz crystal. She had just been to see Houiea for a reading with her higher self. After a breakup, a few months of hedonistic partying, and a lot of high highs and low lows, a friend offered to take her to see this healer. She was a complete skeptic, so the friend offered to pay for the session herself. She came into the shop like someone who had been reborn. She was ready to change her life. She saw the changes clearly. So I wanted to check him out for myself. His energetic readings with the higher self are very clear-cut. For example, he said to me, "The food you are eating is part of self-punishment, because someone else is giving you their own self-hatred." I had been struggling with eating food that made me feel sick because I felt so emotionally drained. I had said NOTHING to him at all when he said this to me. If you want something clearcut, quick and perhaps a bit introductory. Go see Houiea. I also recommend his reiki sessions. ($100 for reiki and higher self, $30 for 10-15 minutes higher self reading). 


Kosmick Kory Varlen. Recommended to me through a friend (who is my unofficial mentor, and a true Virgo, as organized and pragmatic as they come), Kory has been an astrologer for decades. She is a bit whimsical and books pretty far in advance. Her style is specifics. If you ask her, for example, what's going on with a skin condition, she might say, "Don't worry about that, that is going to fade away by the end of the year." She can pinpoint what your chart recommends for exercise, specific dates that will be good for your health and money, psychological shifts that will happen in the next year. I also did energy work with her, but for a first session, I think Predictions is the best package. You can book with Kory, here. (Various packages starting at $175).



If you are super new to all of this, I have one recommendation and that is Caitlin, also known as Tarotgraph. She practices short donation-based readings a Known to Man (formerly Dolly G's) on Graham Avenue every Sunday. Friends of mine who are are not necessarily into the mystical gypsy-revolution that seems to be going on love and frequent these tarot events. Caitlin is clear, intuitive and gentle. Her readings are short and concise and offer warnings, and solutions (not ominous conclusions.) ($10 +/10 mins)

Damon at Catland: Damon is on point. If you want someone to cut the bullshit, and say the hard things to you, go to Damon. But be prepared. He may tell you something difficult to hear and he will absolutely not sugarcoat anything. For me, he told me to stop bullshitting myself about certain aspects of my business. I needed to hear it, but it wasn't easy. If you need to be "Scared straight." Go to Damon. He can most certainly communicate with spirits through his cards. ($80/hr)



If you live up in your head, and what to get in touch with your intuition, but you also want to uncover childhood patterns or patterns established because of dynamics with your family, go see Peace Arnold for rebirthing. 

I went to therapy for two years. It was really helpful. But I never had breakthroughs because I always understood things intellectually. The problem I had was actually feeling the feelings connected to memories and patterns. And then, the trickier part, just letting them go. Using affirmations, and breathing techniques Peace guides you through a talking session of about 1 hour and then you do about 1 hour of breathing. I discovered old childhood wounds I never would have found on my own, as well as deeply-rooted negative beliefs that underlie and color all of my experiences of which I was completely unaware. What's great about Peace is that she offers solutions and alternatives as well as techniques and practices for you to be able to reprogram yourself and your mind out of non-useful ideas that simply aren't true. For a 2-3 hour session it is $125. She will recommend coming for 10 sessions as is the practice with rebirthers, but that's really up to you. 


There's a couple of caveats to this. One is, if you don't have a really open mind, spiritual modalities won't work. Certain things that were told to me didn't make sense until an entire year later. The second thing is, it's really difficult to communicate about these spiritual and emotional matters without using phrases that embarrass us. So just get past the language and listen to what is being told to you. And last lastly, do not get addicted. I remember going to a follow up session with a practitioner and feeling like I didn't get anything out of it. To be honest, I think I kind of stopped asking myself questions and started asking other people. The whole point is to go when you're stuck, realign yourself, and then feel clear enough to use your own information and your own intuition. I think every three months to every year makes sense. If you are highly sensitive like myself you might feel you want to go more than once a year, and it's aok. It's all up to you! If you think this is all nonsense and feel happy and weighted and grounded in your world as it is presented to you in the physical, then thanks for reading this far. 



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