The Book That Created A Sisterhood


Last year around this time, I had a hankering to contact Sarah Gottesdiener about her ritual workbook the Many Moons Workbook. I ordered the minimum 20 books even though I had pretty bad luck selling books (which was super sad for a bibliophile and trained writer.) I didn't move any and gave the first one to a friend (Melissa of Morphologically), who in turn wanted to gift one to a friend. 

I had no idea what I had my hands on. I had no idea at the time that I had snuck in as one of the last new stockists she would take for the year or the project in general. She posted me as one of her last stockists with any books left and within five minutes I had sold out of every last copy I had. 

Several volumes later, I have found this book, created much so respect, full authenticity and little ego is really lifting up Sarah's contributors, her community and our community here in Brooklyn. The knowledge of how to work with every moon cycle helps us connect to the earth and also to the energy of the cosmos, to our subconsciouses and to each other. It begs that we ask the difficult questions.

And when I don't have time to cast a circle, I always have time to read the text, which I find to be a special kind of magic in and of itself. 

Sarah may not be making these books forever. Despite their wild popularity, and the fact that we can barely hold onto them, her ethical practices make this a labor of love, in which she breaks even. Please honor her sweet intentions and the vulnerable way in which she shares her knowledge and gifts and join us in going through this limited edition workbook or gift it to a friend. It is made of love and light and helps you make deep peace with the shadow and the dark. It is a love letter to life itself.