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Intro to Spells with Anna Toonk


Spells are prayers with audacity and we are casting them all the time, often without even realizing it. We’ll talk about different kinds of magic and spells. Confused on the difference between a charm and a talisman? We’ll get that cleared up. Hear about herbs to use in ritual bags but no idea which ones to choose or why? We’ll discuss some easily available and helpful herbs. Then we’ll dive into some intuitive magic using herbs, crystals, and charms to craft spell bags. Spell bags can be carried with you to remind you of your intention, used in dream work, or just be an action to affirm your faith in calling in your desire. In this workshop, we will go over basic spell crafting principles and how-to's, and then create our own custom spell bags containing talismans to carry with you. You can use these for travel, good fortune, love, any desire you are hoping to manifest. We'll have herbs, crystals, charms, to support a variety of intentions. Each participant will leave with a spell bag to support their desires. 

Join Anna Toonk and Myths of Creation for Intro to Spells. In this dynamic workshop, you will go through exercises of simple spell crafting, charm-bag creation and intention setting for the year ahead. 

Ann Toonk is a psychic intuitive reader who often uses cards, but usually just knows things. Originally from the South, she grew up abroad and practices in NYC,  reading tarot, offering reiki, and intuitive channeled guidance.

$40 adv/ $45 day of