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AURA PHOTOGRAPHY with 6th Sense Energy Imaging


I have long been interested in the intersection of technology and spirituality. For thousands of years ancient wisdom traditions from all over the world have created systems of energetic centers or chakras, that show another dimension of how matter organizes itself.

I am so pleased to announce we will be hosting Sixth Sense Energy Imaging.

Sixth Sense is a divinely-guided aura photographer, created by Victoria Tiley and Chris Carlone and designed to provide you with the energetic tools to improve your life.

Each session will be 15 minutes and includes a professional aura photo as well as a 23-page aura, chakra and personality report and a consultation with an intuitive energy worker.

Victoria Tiley is a Shamanic Reiki Master and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. For more about Victoria’s work visit Awen Spirit Healing. Chris Carlone is a Professional Photographer and Artist, a skilled Reiki Practitioner and an End of Life Doula.