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Hank Hivnor is an incredibly talented psychic healer who I have been working with for the last three years.  In a session with Hank you can have your energy read, ask specific questions about your lineage or past lives or connect with your guides. You can get as specific as you want about the questions you want to ask (I have asked questions about money and manifestation, and at other times have gone into the reading with questions but found that the messages that were being delivered to me were much more profound than what I had in mind.)

What is unique about Hank's sessions is that he is able to connect with his own guides or to energies that want to work with you specifically. In my work with him, we have uncovered blocks and received message that helped me understand a dimension about myself or my life that I was overlooking. We have also done healing exercises, cleared spaces, and connected with specific ancestors and friends who have passed on. 

To read more about Hank you can visit this page.

To read more about my experiences with Hank you can read my blog. 

Readings will be $25 for 15 minutes from 5-9.