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Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower: An Empath Empowerment Workshop


We are all born with powerful gifts - intuition, sensitivity, and empathy. As we age, we unconsciously learn to cut ourselves off from these abilities in order to survive in a fast-paced, masculine, over-stimulating world. And yet, we can't ever truly deny them! It may be hard to believe that your empathic sensibilities are gifts, especially when they can feel overwhelming and uncontrollable. But these abilities are here to serve you, and there are many ways to master them and make them work for you. 

During this interactive workshop, Jordan will teach you how to understand your own energy better, and how to create healthy and clear boundaries with others. You will learn several energy-clearing and energetic protection techniques, how to create your own spiritual hygiene practices, and learn several practical tools for everyday life. 

Whether you were in the previous workshops or not, you will gain valuable knowledge for thriving in this world as an empowered empath. And, we will be creating special, customized energy-clearing mists in class! 

You will leave feeling empowered, clear, and grounded. If you are not in the city, join us via the magic of the internet - there is a livesteam option so everyone can join us!  

Please bring a notebook and pen.

$35 in-person (includes all materials)

$20 online livestream

The Practitioner: Jordan Catherine Pagan of Ostara Apothecary

Jordan is a medicine-maker and healer who practices Reiki, 13th Octave LaHoChi, Pranayama Breathwork, Tarot, and create Plant & Vibrational Medicines. She has studied with renowned healers such as Ari Roberts, Pamela Miles, Padma Gonzalez, and David Elliot.