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Intuitive Aura Reading + Style Curation


Join us for the inaugural hosting of Aura Wear for mini reading sessions. 
Susanna comes from a line of intuitive aura seers. Her work combines her love of design, styling and fashion with her deep understanding of color and how its frequency affects our vibrations. 
**Readings are $25 for 15 minutes. In this time you will receive your main aura colors, suggestions on colors that complement and support your energy as well as other insights specific to you. 





From a young age Susanna began seeing bright glows around her family and friends, but it was only when she saw her first grey aura that she realized these colors told a story about a person’s well-being.

She felt a call to study the elements of colors and their meanings. The more she learned about auras, the more she saw.

Her other obsession is acting, and at 18, Susanna moved from small town Missouri to New York to devote her life to the stage. She performed in national and international shows as well as on Broadway before once again following the lure of colors. Soon she was working under a Brookyln jewelry designer, where she honed her skills and got her first taste of the fashion industry.

As her studies deepened, Susanna began seeing auras vividly around her in a way that seemed to expose people’s thoughts and emotions. The colors began to make sense to her and the connections became easy to follow.

Now Susanna uses this gift to help clients connect with their auras, understand the power of colors and make life-changing adjustments to their life via their wardrobe. She conducts everything from full makeovers and closet overhauls to photoshoot and branding consults.

Aura Wear is here to make you feel balanced, radiant and in touch with who you intrinsically are.

She believes that just as you need a health coach or massage therapist you need an aura consultant to make you feel truly balanced and in touch with who your own energy.

Learn more about Susanna's full services here.