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Plant Dyeing for Healing with Molly George + Xenia

Molly was foraging this morning for dye plants 🌈✨ (at Chinchero, Cusco, Peru)

Molly was foraging this morning for dye plants 🌈✨ (at Chinchero, Cusco, Peru)

This class has been postponed, new date TBA!

Join Molly + Xenia for a blend of intuitive magic, self-healing and plant dye fundamentals.

Molly is a textile and fibers artist with a specialization in plant dyeing techniques. She has taught natural dye, indigo dye, tapestry weaving and other textile workshops through Textile Art Center, Brooklyn Craft Co, and Swale.

Molly brings the traditions of Oaxaca (after being selected for a natural pigments residency in 2017) and most recently carries with her the traditions of Cusco, Peru, interacting with pigments from the process of foraging, to activating the color within garments.

In this workshop you will learn bundle dyeing 101 techniques in combination with meditative relation to plants on an energetic level. With a deep respect for the techniques and practicalities of working with natural pigments from Molly and a sacred space being held for you with Xenia we will create our own healing garments infused with the energies of the plants we are using for our protection, prosperity, and peace.

You may bring your own natural textile to dye or one will be available to you at cost. All garments or textiles must be submitted 24 hours before the class in clean condition so Molly can prepare them for our two hour workshop.