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Ditto Vintage + We Who Prey Pop up with Astrology Readings

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This September Pop up Features a group of multidimensional creative artists.. We will offer a pop up of treasures from 12-6 from Ditto Vintage + We Who Prey will be bringing new handmade jewels. From 2-6 you can also signup to get an Astrology Reading from Vibrant Soul Astrology!

Read all the details of the offerings below!



About DITTO VIntage

Any Ghost movie fans out there?! Ditto Vintage is brought to you by local shop girl, stylist and believer in second chances, Jessica Schuyler whose alter ego happens to be Molly Jensen. With over 15 years experience in the fashion industry, Jessica has been a long time lover, buyer, hoarder and now curator of vintage clothing and accessories.

Ditto Vintage offers a collection of curated, one-of-a-kind, handpicked clothing for badass, funky people shopping on a budget. All of the pieces have been found at thrift shops and flea markets or are from Jessica’s personal collection seeking new homes.

Most recently Ditto Vintage has been experimenting with tie dying vintage slips making them even more special and unique!


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We Who Prey is a jewelry company created by Linda Smyth and made in NYC. Each design is inspired by abstractions from art, biology and the human form. Through her passion for creativity, science and spirituality the exploration of these elements manifests into bold and imaginative pieces that are created to stand out as a point of conversation for a unique expression of individuality. These designs are also made to last a lifetime with an emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship.

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Join us from 2-6 PM at 421 Graham Avenue to have your natal chart read by experienced astrologer Courtney O'Reilly of Vibrant Soul Astrology. If you have never had your chart read before and want to go over the energetic signature of the time of your birth (also known as your soul's blueprint) Courtney can deliver the information to you in a beautiful and easy-to-understand way. She has been through a rigorous astrology mentorship with Rebecca Gordon and also works continuously for Susan Miller

If you are like me, and are more of an "Advanced Beginner" you can ask Courtney questions about specific areas of your chart, or ask her if there is anything coming up in the next few months. 

Sessions are $25 and are 15 minutes long.

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Psychic Readings with Nelly Reznik + Yooca Vintage Pop Up


In a psychic reading, Nelly connects to your energy and to your spirit guides to gain insight and guidance into your life. This type of reading can help you decide how your present actions will align you with your best path and outcomes, with the understanding that the future is not written in stone. Nelly takes a Spirit-guided approach, so she tends to receive information that your guides would like to focus on and sometimes this differs from what the client expects. Coming in with prepared questions or topics can be useful if you would rather receive guidance on something specific you have in mind.

Readings with Nelly will take place alongside a POP UP of curated Summer Vintage curated by Yooca Vintage.

Expect great summer pieces, easy-to-wear garments and expert styling suggestions. The Vintage Pop up will take place 1-7 and the Psychic Readings will take place 2-6.

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Love Sex & Astrology, Annabel Gat's Book Release Party


Grab a copy of Annabel’s new book (signed, with a personalized fortune for you!) at Myths of Creation for a release party on the evening of Thursday August 1st, 2019, 6pm to 8pm! Reiki and astrology readings with Annabel’sstudents will be available at the party on a first come first serve basis for people who purchase a copy of the book at Myths of Creation. Plus, cake and drinks, too!

$1 processing fee has been added to the cost of each book.

Books will be available in shop/ship by August 1st.

About the Book

Bringing the ancient matchmaking tool of astrology into the 21st century, The Astrology of Love & Sex explores the romantic and sensual sides of the zodiac. In 12 detailed chapters, astrologer Annabel Gat divulges how each sign likes to flirt, date, and fool around. This book candidly explores love and lust in today's sexually fluid world: From love philosophies to sexual inclinations, readers will enjoy dissecting and analyzing each passage. With unique compatibility profiles matching every sign and a quiz to identify your star match—wrapped in an all-foil case wtih gilded page edges—this is a fun and comprehensive guide to finding true cosmic love.

About the Author

Annabel Gat is a certified astrologer, horoscope columnist for VICE, and writer. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Jess Rotter is a Los Angeles–based illustrator. She's collaborated with Lenny Letter, Coachella, and Rodarte.

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to Jun 23

Vintage, Embroidery + Tarot POP UP!

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You can expect gorgeous vintage from all over the country (and some from all over the world), bad ass embroidery, magical readings and delicious dark and stormies!

Holy wow we are so excited for this Triple Threat weekend.

Vintage curated expertly for easy-to-wear and priced-to sell by the tenaciously graceful Lola Mayy.


We will also be debuting 13th Floor Threads Embroidery. Hand-embroidered apparel and goods!

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And on Saturday we will be hosting the magical Stefanie Caponi, Brooklyn witch, tarot + astrology teacher and creator of the Moon Void Tarot.

Moon Void Tarot Decks will also be available during the event!

Moon Void Tarot Decks will also be available during the event!

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to Dec 14

AURA PHOTOGRAPHY with 6th Sense Energy Imaging


I have long been interested in the intersection of technology and spirituality. For thousands of years ancient wisdom traditions from all over the world have created systems of energetic centers or chakras, that show another dimension of how matter organizes itself.

I am so pleased to announce we will be hosting Sixth Sense Energy Imaging.

Sixth Sense is a divinely-guided aura photographer, created by Victoria Tiley and Chris Carlone and designed to provide you with the energetic tools to improve your life.

Each session will be 15 minutes and includes a professional aura photo as well as a 23-page aura, chakra and personality report and a consultation with an intuitive energy worker.

Victoria Tiley is a Shamanic Reiki Master and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. For more about Victoria’s work visit Awen Spirit Healing. Chris Carlone is a Professional Photographer and Artist, a skilled Reiki Practitioner and an End of Life Doula.

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Intuitive Aura Reading + Style Curation


Join us for the inaugural hosting of Aura Wear for mini reading sessions. 
Susanna comes from a line of intuitive aura seers. Her work combines her love of design, styling and fashion with her deep understanding of color and how its frequency affects our vibrations. 
**Readings are $25 for 15 minutes. In this time you will receive your main aura colors, suggestions on colors that complement and support your energy as well as other insights specific to you. 





From a young age Susanna began seeing bright glows around her family and friends, but it was only when she saw her first grey aura that she realized these colors told a story about a person’s well-being.

She felt a call to study the elements of colors and their meanings. The more she learned about auras, the more she saw.

Her other obsession is acting, and at 18, Susanna moved from small town Missouri to New York to devote her life to the stage. She performed in national and international shows as well as on Broadway before once again following the lure of colors. Soon she was working under a Brookyln jewelry designer, where she honed her skills and got her first taste of the fashion industry.

As her studies deepened, Susanna began seeing auras vividly around her in a way that seemed to expose people’s thoughts and emotions. The colors began to make sense to her and the connections became easy to follow.

Now Susanna uses this gift to help clients connect with their auras, understand the power of colors and make life-changing adjustments to their life via their wardrobe. She conducts everything from full makeovers and closet overhauls to photoshoot and branding consults.

Aura Wear is here to make you feel balanced, radiant and in touch with who you intrinsically are.

She believes that just as you need a health coach or massage therapist you need an aura consultant to make you feel truly balanced and in touch with who your own energy.

Learn more about Susanna's full services here. 

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Wadulisi Woman Pop Up and Soul Tattoo Event

Soul Tattoos by Wadulisi Woman.jpg

Join us for a celebration of the Divine Feminine and the magical medicine of Wadulisi Woman. This December pop up will be a day of holding space for one another during Ashley’s New York residency. Featuring her small batch garden-crafted flower essences and limited edition channeled watercolor prints, this pop up is a beautiful place to celebrate her work, and to get a touch and feel for her powerful yet gentle amalgam of creativity and healing gifts.

Ashley is known for her Soul Tattoos.  Soul Tattoo™ sessions are one-of-a-kind hand poked ceremonial, healing, conscious tattoo experiences with each design and it's medicine being divinely channeled as a mirror of deep reflection and activation for each client.

ALL FLASH SPOTS are being booked through the Wadulisi Woman Newsletter and Website.

Please RSVP below if you would like to hold space for magic with us, enjoy floral teas and gentle flower-centric cocktails.


More about Soul Tattoos:

Soul Tattoo™ sessions are one-of-a-kind hand poked ceremonial, healing, conscious tattoo experiences with each design and it's medicine being divinely channeled as a mirror of deep reflection and activation for each client. Each session varies from client to client, as no person is the same and no Soul Tattoo is the same! In these sessions we begin with a tea and some intention setting, to connect more deeply to the process and medicine that wishes to come through for each individuals highest good. During the session Ash scans the aura and energy body to gather medicine and messages from the client's highest self, energy body, and guides. The Soul Tattoo design is channeled in and can include plant medicine, sacred symbolism, animal totems, numerology, astrology, or whatever symbolic medicine needs to come through for the client. Once the design is set, we will further discuss the chakras, the body, and energy meridians to align the design on to the place on the body that is most aligned for the client's personal healing. Healing energy work is done before and during the tattooing to deeply relax and open, while also activating energetic shifts, releases, creating space within for the activation of the medicine of your Soul Tattoo, and for deeper alignment on one's sacred path. This work is taking tattooing back to it's magical origins—centuries and lightyears before the tattoo machine—when tattoos were light activations, spells, protection, feminine temple rituals, and stories of the soul. These delicate tattoos act as portals of activation, symbols of empowerment, and medicine that goes much deeper than the art you see on the surface. 

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to Oct 27

Anthemia Pop Up


What you wear matters.

By combining the healing properties of plants with the power of intention, each garment we create has an energy and beauty you can feel throughout your day.

Because it’s our belief that clothing made and worn with intention has the power to transform.

Join Barrie Cohen as she launches her new venture Anthemia at Myths of Creation for an opening reception on Saturday 10/26 + an all day pop up on 10/27.


Anthemia is created by farmer, herbalist, and artist Barrie Cohen.

Barrie grew up in New York City but always felt a deep connection to nature. In her early twenties, she began working on organic vegetable farms, first in New Zealand and then across the U.S., from California to New York. Through years of farming and study, Barrie became increasingly well-versed in plants and their medicinal properties, eventually falling in love with the traditional practice of plant dyeing.

Today, Barrie works out of her studio in Brooklyn but still frequents local farms where she collects flowers and dye plants. Through Anthemia—which means “cluster of flowers” in Greek—Barrie combines her artistry in dyeing with her training in tarot. The result is one-of-a-kind garments that reflect the magic possibilities of dressing with intention.


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Brenda Azu Pop Up

Join us as we host our very own Mythsfit Brenda Azu for a day of magical offerings and one-of-a-kind ritual tools.

Brenda Azu is a latino artist, photographer, computer nerd, smudge stick creator, crystal bruja, reiki practitioner and plant mom. From a very early age Brenda showed signs of creativity in various fields, at the age of 14 Brenda decided she wanted to be a photographer and attended her top school (Fashion Institute of Technology) and has a degree in photography and science. Brenda while being involved in the arts, she curated an all female gallery show called “Fairy Paradise” in January 2017 showcasing 10+ young artist in various mediums.


Like many young professionals Brenda has expanded her wings to other fields and dimensions and has found a calling in the healing arts. Brenda creates custom smudge sticks based on individual needs as well as custom crystal jewelry. As of February 2018 Brenda has created a female empowerment group called Warrior Goddess Training based on the book/teachings of  HeatherAsh Amara. In this month long weekly meetings young women gather and in a safe environment are able to ask questions and get different perspectives from one another. Brenda is a Capricorn sun, Aries moon and Aries Rising.

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