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Plant Dyeing for Healing with Molly George + Xenia

Molly was foraging this morning for dye plants 🌈✨ (at Chinchero, Cusco, Peru)

Molly was foraging this morning for dye plants 🌈✨ (at Chinchero, Cusco, Peru)

Join Molly + Xenia for a blend of intuitive magic, self-healing and plant dye fundamentals.

Molly is a textile and fibers artist with a specialization in plant dyeing techniques. She has taught natural dye, indigo dye, tapestry weaving and other textile workshops through Textile Art Center, Brooklyn Craft Co, and Swale.

Molly brings the traditions of Oaxaca (after being selected for a natural pigments residency in 2017) and most recently carries with her the traditions of Cusco, Peru, interacting with pigments from the process of foraging, to activating the color within garments.

In this workshop you will learn bundle dyeing 101 techniques in combination with meditative relation to plants on an energetic level. With a deep respect for the techniques and practicalities of working with natural pigments from Molly and a sacred space being held for you with Xenia we will create our own healing garments infused with the energies of the plants we are using for our protection, prosperity, and peace.

You may bring your own natural textile to dye or one will be available to you at cost. All garments or textiles must be submitted 24 hours before the class in clean condition so Molly can prepare them for our two hour workshop.

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Small Business Gathering @ Dusty Rose Vintage

small biz gather_1.jpg

Myths of Creation & Dusty Rose Vintage invite you to a collective gathering of creative business owners to support one another and prioritize themselves, their goals, visions and strategies. 

Business ownership can be lonely. Often we get lost in the day-to-day and forget to make space for ourselves to receive support, hear others' experiences, share our resources and check in with ourselves. Our intention is to make a private and strictly-enforced safe space, so any sharing about our sensitive business experiences will not be tolerated. 

At this gathering we will begin with a centering exercise, introduce our businesses, identify one problem we need help with and one resource we have to offer, and compete writing exercises to get clearer on our goals and strategies. 

We ask a donation of  $10-15 for this accessible peer-coaching-meets-therapy space we will share together. 

(Venmo/cash only).

All levels of business ownership are welcome. Feel free to forward to your friends. 

To guarantee your spot RSVP here:  and feel free to forward to anyone who would feel served by this offering. 

This event is BYO snacks/beverages. 

Hope to see you there!

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Transmuting Shame: A Workshop


SHAME is one of the most charged words and emotions that I have encountered in my own healing as well as in the work I do with others.

Join Xenia in a ritual in which we shine a light on the origins of shame, creatively guided through meditation and a series of writing exercises in order to pin point narratives we carry in our subconsciouses to deepen our understanding of how these narratives affect our identity and self worth.

By creating a safe and sacred container to delve deeply into our understanding of this mysterious and often difficult emotion, we will transform this powerful emotional energy into compassion, creation and healing.

Space is extremely limited.

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Cacao Ceremony with Cacao Laboratory

This precious fruit was prepared in drink form and consumed in rituals and ceremonies to dissolve the sense of separation between individuals and bring people together.

Join us in an evening of heart opening with Florencia Fridman, half of Cacao Laboratory, a company that brings ceremonial grade cacao to New York through direct relationships with farmers in Central and South America. Caco laboratory carefully selects ancient strains of cacao and blends them with different plant medicines to help you gain a deeper sense of connection to the world around you.

Cacao ceremonies are gently heart-opening, allowing you a space to set an intention, thank all of the earth elements and promote healing within the self and within the sacred circles. Ceremonies are much like tea ceremonies in the sense of their silent guided meditative qualities, integrated with sharing about your experience (if you feel called to do so.) 

Learn more about Cacao Laboratory here. 

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