Astrological Personal Styling Session

Astrological Personal Styling Session


Aligned Style Theory

Sat, Nov 17th, 2018 2-6 PM

An innovative offering, the Astrological Style Reading is the creative passion project of Sasha Formoso. Using your astrological birth chart, Sasha empowers you to learn your style language by showing you the key aesthetic themes. Together, you will discover ways of expressing your authentic self, guided by what feels uniquely true to you. 

In these sessions you will be working with astrological archetypes, you have the option of 

  • achieving a general understanding of your innate style signature 

  •  focusing on where you want to develop your style specifically: Are you trying to shift out of your post-college wardrobe into a powerful professional energy? Are you trying to bring more playfulness and romance? Dressing to be more self nurturing?

 Aligned Style Theory uses your astrology to give you clues to your inner style compass and helps you apply those tools in an actionable, practical way. 

Fashion through Sasha's lens, is a vehicle for expansion, individuality and empowerment, not the other way around.

Aligned Style Theory Readings are 25 minutes and $25 dollars. 

Please bring accurate birth information including time of birth to make the most of your reading. 

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