Pocket Spa

Pocket Spa


My unofficial NY mentor created this and if you ever see her skin, you'll get why people are so into this! 

A revolutionary new device device that hydrates and moisturizes your skin without heavy oils, silicones or other chemicals – just pure natural water.

The Pocket Spa is a compact, refillable and rechargeable personal humidifier that uses nano-technology to turn plain water into a miracle-mist® of tiny water droplets that are small enough to penetrate the epidermis and replace moisture that is constantly being leached from our skin by natural and environmental factors such as soaps, detergents, dry air, heating systems, air-conditioning, air travel and UV from the sun.

The Pocket Spa will help create a healthy, even complexion that looks youthful and dewy-fresh.


Softer on your face, Kinder to your soul!™

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