HELD - One on One Offerings WEDS only

HELD - One on One Offerings WEDS only

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Channeled therapy with elements of tarot, reiki and astrology.

Available on Wednesdays only. 60-90 minute session that combine reiki, astrology, tarot and intuitive counseling.

For further understanding, read below:

Think of it like Echolocation.

When bats are in complete darkness, they send sound waves out. By allowing the sounds to bounce off surfaces, they can receive the information to get where they need to go in complete darkness.

Our vibration needs a surface to bounce off of.

In a Sacred Mirror Session, we create a clean, focused container for you to let out your expression and hear it echoed back to you through the objective filter of my highest self. Through listening, I am able to discover the theme your soul and the universe has come to work through at this exact moment in time, and break it down into words for you to connect, dissect, and transmute into your own healing and wisdom.

Sessions are three parts:

Part I.


Calling all of your power, your soul fragments, and your benevolent guides into one space to work with my guides and teachers and the sacred guides of the space to bring you into wholeness and comfort before we begin. Every guided meditation is a channeled poem for your well being.

Part II.

Gentle excavation: Deep Listening.  

Through the tools of tarot, astrology, human design and guided conversation, we excavate the the narratives and patterns that yearn to be examined in order to empower your understanding of where you are and what subconscious patterns need to rise to the surface in order to receive the light of our attention.

Part III.

Receiving + Integration

At the end of our excavation, you will receive 20-30 minutes of reiki healing to integrate all of the information passively, into the body and the energetic body. This is a time for complete receiving and rest for the client to begin shift into embodying the healing energies created in the session.

(The below only applies to the Sacred Mirror Full session @ $130)

After the session you receive your custom Sacred Mirror Map.


One of the most unique and valuable tools in our work is the thematic record of any insights or themes the session brought to light.

You will receive an email within 48 hours after your session detailing the major patterns we have identified, actionable steps you can take for the next 30 days in order to create meaningful shifts as well as a curated tool box of other practitioners, readings or writing exercises that can help you go deeper on your own.

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