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Sacred Smudge Candle


Native Americans have used Smudging to clear energy and purify their space for thousands of years. Traditionally you'd burn dried Sage/Sweet Grass/Cedarwood to Smudge. Although this is a wonderful and widely used technique - it's not always feasible to do. So, I created Sacred Space Smudge Candles as a convenient alternative to Smudging. It is perfect for cleansing your Home and Personal Space!
Created with powerful intent, this Sacred Space Smudge Candle is made with Soy Wax, Sage, Lavender, and Juniper Essential Oils. Dried Sage, Juniper, Lavender, and Black Sea Salt are sprinkled on top. The candle is infused with Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz. Black Tourmaline clears and balances the Chakras, forming a protective shield around the body and space. It cleanses, purifies and transforms energy into a lighter vibration. Smoky Quartz Protects, Calms, Removes Negativity, Lifts Depression, Relieves Fear, and Brings Positive Vibrations to your Space. Each Candle contains both of these Crystals. The candles were charged under a Full Moon and consecrated with a Blessing and Sacred Mantra. Good JuJu in a candle! The Candles comes in a 6 oz. tin with a lid. The tins are footed on the bottom to allow airflow under the tin to protect your burning surface. The tins have a varnish coat on the inside to protect candle against discoloration due to oils and tin reaction. Average burn time is 40 hours.
This listing is for one 6 oz. Candle.


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