Wavy Bangle by Maaari

Wavy Bangle by Maaari


Wavy baby. Everyday bangles with a story to tell. Stacked or solo, this classic bangle brings traditional artisanry into the modern day.

The indigenous T’Boli community of Lake Sebu is distinguished by their vibrant traditional attire and intricate brass adornments. Largely untouched by the Western world, the T’Boli people for centuries have lived off the land and used traditional brass making methods to create stunning metals.

For each piece, T’Boli artisans start with beeswax and form it into their desired design. Clay is formed around the beeswax to create a mold, then dried in the sun. Recycled church bells are melted down over an open flame and poured into the mold. Once dried, the clay mold is cracked open to reveal the brass jewelry inside. Brass making not only provides sustainable livelihoods for the T’Boli people but helps preserve this age-old craft for generations to come.


Brass naturally oxidizes over time. Renew your piece's shine with lemon, baking soda, and a polishing cloth. To delay oxidation, keep your MAAARI jewelry away from moisture. 

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