About myths of creation

Founded by Xenia Viray


As a kid I dreamt of being the president, then a professor, then a musician, and then a novelist. None of these dreams have left me, but while I was dreaming away, without active seeking it, I kept being offered jobs in fashion. 

Fashion was never an objective to me; it was second nature. I would read Seventeen from cover to cover, archive my articles and follow their beauty tips in a really literal way. But I never thought too hard about it, agonized over it, I was just comfortable experimenting.

In college I took a babysitting job that turned into a fashion writing, styling and production position. In my early 20's I worked at a shoe store for extra Xmas money; that landed me a job as a buyer for one of the most prestigious shoe stores in New York, and years later I started working at a store that I loved -(full disclosure, I wanted the employee discount)- and became their first showroom/wholesale manager. (Universe, I hear you loud and clear.)

And so after running many many small businesses, I saw that I had accidentally educated myself in small business and the fashion industry. And so, Myths of Creation was born in 2013 as a ten affordable basics within the four walls of Dolly G's Vintage (now Known to Man.)

I started a website in Oct of 2013, found the perfect spot a block away from my house in August of 2014, and opened my brick and mortar on a song a prayer and working seven days a week (between the shop and another job.)

What began as a mission to create an accessible affordable boutique experience has since blossomed into something much more difficult to verbalize. 

I began my business to provide the services that I was looking for to my community, which since then have changed.

I wanted to be invited and included into the shops in my own neighborhood. I wanted to fit into clothes after the age of 25. I wanted to feel fun and different.

As I have evolved, so have my perceived needs of my community.

After a rather wild experience with a medium, I began to believe in invisible forces I could no longer ignore the existence of.

From there I delved into learning about chakras, crystals, reiki, astrology, psychotherapy, sacred ritual practices, feng shui, tarot, numerology, and anything that spoke the language of energy, anything that imbued time and space with common meaning across cultures, across countries, across religions and times. And the challenge became to bring that inquiry and information into real life as an experiment, without attachment or ego or the refusal or ignore what it is to be a real life person trying to run a business and thrive in the physical world.

And that's what Myths of Creation is: a place that tries to create a space between dimensions. Where what we say and wear and how we interact is all connected to how we take care of and present ourselves, and how we understand the world, our community and ourselves. 

 We have recently added yet another dimension of inquiry into the shop’s offerings. Is it SWEATSHOP FREE? To be clear, this doesn’t mean artisanal. Or handcrafted. It means free from forced and child labor or workdays that extend beyond 60 hours a week and free of unsafe factory conditions. (To learn more about this I suggest checking out Fashion Revolution x Future Learns free course “Who Made My Clothes.”

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