authentic voice catalyst

Our true nature is connected, compassionate, and self-trusting. Many of us hesitate to listen to ourselves in order to adapt to the fragmented world around us, giving our power away to a world that is out of harmony with who we are.

By creating space for intimacy with our spirits, we can return to our natural state of loving trust, and be empowered to manifest a world that reflects our internal vibration of love and balance.

In an authentic mirror session, Xenia channels a guided meditation, and facilitating between your higher self and your subconscious. These sessions are especially resonant for those who minimize their needs and desires in order to "hold it together" for everyone else.

We exchange energy through language, and energy work that pacifies and soothes your aura, body, and mind. These one-on-one sessions leave you more connected to your inner power, and strengthen the muscle of self trust and inner harmony.

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