If Your Girl Only Knew (What Aaliyah Knew)

I miss Aaliyah. WTF? Who is going to wear Tommy underwear so that the band is exposed underneath of rave pants with dark silver lipstick and eyeshadow and make it look cool? 


In "If Your Girl Only Knew" she wears a black and white racing themed outfit that would put any of the Fast and Furious cast to shame. She wears an eyepatch you can actually see out of and somehow makes that seem like something to be jealous of. 

More Than A Woman and Yet Another One of Aaliyah's "Futuristic Sets"


I loved all of her mid-nineties "futuristic sets" where women lay on see-through beds and how she juxtaposed her completely weird concepts of high-tech backgrounds with her girl from around the block style. Always in shades, baggy pants, a crop top (or bra) and once-in-a-while throwing on an impossibly huge overcoat (like in her video with DMX for "Back in One Piece." 

Aaliyah singing My Funny Valentine on Star Search at Age 10

Destined for stardom, Aaliyah was on Star Search at age 10! -Born in Brooklyn raised in Detroit, her mama was a vocalist and her uncle was an entertainment lawyer who had been married to Gladys Knight. Fun fact: She was part Native American! She was so comfortable on stage at an early age... Look at her curtsy at the end! 

Mentored by R. Kelly, produced by Missy Elliot and Timbaland, and the first artist to top the Billboard Charts on airplay alone (with Try Again, the single from Romeo Must Die soundtrack), Aaliyah hung out with artists who were known for innovation, invention, and individualism.

She admired Janet Jackson and Sade for sticking to their guns (in their musical and personal styles, and was honored by Christian Dior (after her death) and Tommy Hilfiger, whose fashion she represented.


She influenced a lot of people... According to wikipedia, that includes, Adele, The XX, Beyonce and Rihanna. And If thats not enough, Drake has her tattooed on his back. 

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