Eclipse Magic


Eclipse Magic

By Stefanie Caponi of Moon Void Tarot

Eclipse season is upon us, but what does that even mean? Eclipses occur in pairs and activate polar opposite signs, in this case the axis of Cancer/Capricorn will be highlighted. A solar eclipse always occurs during a new moon, while the moon is between the earth and sun, blocking out the light. A  lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon, when the sun is between the earth and the moon, blocking out the light. During the month of July the areas of your chart containing Cancer and Capricorn will be most affected. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and linked to our deepest inner knowing, instinctual actions, nurturing, our family and roots, as well as our chosen family, and the home within ourselves. Capricorn, it’s polar opposite sign, is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and restriction. Saturn and Capricorn love rules, hard work, putting aside emotions in favor of strict guidelines while slowly building an empire.

In the tarot, Cancer is represented by The Chariot, while Capricorn is represented by The Devil. Consider these two archetypes and how they relate to one another, as Cancer and Capricorn are two sides of the same astrological coin. The Chariot has momentum, while The Devil appears to be trapped. It can be said that Cancer is the mother, while Capricorn is the father. We know that these descriptions reflect masculine and feminine energy, seperate from gender. Instead, perhaps we can consider how these dual energies are needed in order to balance the inhale and exhalations of our lives. Where do we need more structure? Where do we need to break free? What requires more nurturance and care? Where can we recommit ourselves to doing the work?

Many wonder what spells or rituals are best during an eclipse. Typically, we set intentions with new moons, I recommend surrendering to the universe during an eclipse. Attempting to harness eclipse energy is like trying to control the weather. The energy is unpredictable when our luminaries are obstructed. The time is best spent tuning your energy field to an open state of reception, and willing surrender to what is in your highest and best. This can be achieved by performing a releasing ritual during the waning moon at the end of June. Releasing creates energetic space for the eclipse to work its magic on behalf of the universe.

The importance of ritual is the intent behind the action, connecting the physical with the spiritual. Some of my favorite releasing rituals begin with writing down what I am releasing, with gratitude for what it represented in my life, and stating that I am ready for something new and better. I then take the paper I wrote on and burn it, allowing the element of fire to transform my intention. Another option is to cut a lock of your hair, burying or burning it. Cutting hair is ceremoniously linked to our self worth and willingness to transform. Ritual is sacred and open to interpretation, feel free to experiment with what feels meaningful.

Keeping ourselves open during the eclipse portals is key. Trust that the universe is sweeping away the physical and psychic debris that is not in alignment with our highest good. Allow the eclipses to activate the path without fear or resistance. Remember that divine timing will not allow our blessings and opportunities to be missed. Expect the unexpected.